Surrounded by the cornfields of Indiana, Lily graduated from Purdue University to teach art in one school corporation and run a Migrant School in another simultaneously. A move to South Florida in 1974 allowed her to concentrate on her own work as well as her student’s. After teaching high school, middle school and college classes as an adjunct professor for Nova University, she found that age was no respecter of talent when she taught her remaining years as a magnet art teacher in an elementary school.

The challenge was not only in documentation of what is there, but being able to physically achieve it. Life happened to Lily, that left her on crutches and wheelchair for twenty-three years. Her love of physical art using live-model techniques with brushes and pen and ink, slowed to a standstill while her mind had to “recalculate.” Under the tutelage of Professor Joseph Tamargo of Miami-Dade College, Wolfson Campus, whose own work inspired her, and taught her to look at a photograph, translate the images she saw on the street and to capture them in her own frame. Dyslexia was evident in her prints so another challenge was issued: compensate for her field-of-vision.

The purity of their work is evidenced in her own when she shoots only what she finds without arranging her shots to achieve her frame. With a single exposure of her camera’s eye, the frame is printed to a full frame, so that she must own each corner of the photograph. Sometimes her photos appear to have many layers of texture that quite simply can be manipulated in one program or another, however, she challenges herself to find it and only document what is there.


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