History Detained

“History Detained”  is reminiscent of the novel 1984 by George Orwell, where books were burned and attempts were made to alter reporting of history through small false changes, and systematic repetition until memory of Truth fades.

The mural, “American Journey” by Michael Parker on Adamo Drive, between 17th and 19th Streets, Ybor City, Florida, covering 12,000 square feet, was meant to depict an immigrant family’s journey to a place to which people from many nations came to enjoy freedom.  Throughout, the mural expresses the values of our nation.

Photographer Lily Evans, has captured without Photoshop techniques, a different point of view that raises both questions and concerns.  The mural is on one side of the street and the barbed wire fence is on the other side where the sharp barbs obstruct the view.  Has the History been detained, incarcerated, distanced, triggering a rewrite?  Why?_To what end?  Who is leading this false history movement?  Will we remember, or are we doomed to be disenfranchised from the Truth?

Lily Evans

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