A Prayer To Change The Heart

Mr Sallie Prays Everyday For A Changed Heart For Those That Beat Him At This Site, On “Bloody Sunday” 

We must begin each day on a spiritual note, by invoking traditional wisdom, by giving thanks for the life that we are still a part of, and for the challenges that make us strong and the blessings from the right set of circumstances that make it better for humanity and our future generations than it has been in the past.

“In that spirit, we thank and ask the Blessings and Guidance of the Creator and of the spirits of our Ancestors to ensure that the words shared here are worthy of the Remembrance of a fateful day in history whose consequences will live with us forever, and therefore must not be forgotten or lost from our consciousness.”  
Words to this effect are spoken by George Sallie as he knelt and prayed at a no parking sign at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama; for this is the location that he was violently beaten with a billy clubs by a rider on horseback during the vicious attack on ‘Bloody Sunday’ in 1965.  Sheriff Jim Clarke led the intentional, brutally savage attack on the nonviolent civil rights marchers.  
Photographer, Lily Evans, captured the image of  Mr. Sallie praying, while waiting on him to arrive at The Civil Rights Park just below the bridge, as was his custom on most days.  Partially on the road and just under traffic signs, Mr. Sallie’s head was bent in prayer.  After his meditation, old bones showed signs of age when he struggled to stand up.  No one seemed to think the sight unusual, not vehicular traffic nor those at local businesses.  Upon greeting, he only said, “I have to git prayed up before I come here and talk to people.”
Mr. Sallie has a huge lumpy scar in the middle of his forehead visible today, that gives testimony to his presence on “Bloody Sunday” each time he looks in a mirror or catches an onlookers gaze lift above eye-contact to the disfigurement.  

This fateful day can not be forgotten, but Mr. Sallie prays for the souls of those who beat him and he prays for them to have a changed heart.  It has been 54 years since the attack and at age 90, he still prays everyday for the hate to stop.

Lily Evans

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